What is the concept of courier service?

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What is the concept of courier service?

In the context of growing e-commerce, express delivery services have become an indispensable part of the commodity economy.
The concept of express delivery is massively popular and current consumers seem to be equating the general delivery of goods with them.

Chuyển phát nhanh hàng hóa là gì?

Understand delivery services in a short time or be considered as a courier service

So what is the express delivery? What are the different shipping services and courier services?
Find out more in detail through the article below.
What is a courier service?
Previously, the condition of facilities was limited, roads were difficult to transport goods / mail to the address between the provinces take a lot of time. The sender and receiver do not know specifically when their goods / packages will arrive.

Chuyển phát nhanh là gì?

You can choose the form of transport or transportation to suit yourself
Carriage in the above manner will only be considered as a normal mode of transportation or transportation.
Along with the development of infrastructure and technology, we have been able to accurately and accurately control (and possibly reach, minutes or seconds) the time when goods / receive.
Since then, the concept of express delivery was officially born.

What is the delivery service?

Easy to understand, express delivery is the usual form of delivery, but there is a guarantee of delivery time to the recipient.
Express delivery services will be different from regular delivery services where the service provider always provides a fixed commitment period for the movement of the goods / items.
In the modern era of technology development 4.0, express delivery is also upgraded by many economists with the accompanying concepts such as: transfer and receipt of goods during the day, shipping guarantee confirmed by the parties, ...

The express delivery form now
Whether it is domestic delivery or international express delivery, depending on the mode of transport of goods in different channels, people divided express delivery into the following types:

Dịch vụ chuyển phát nhanh là gì?
Courier variety of forms of freight documents
- Air express courier: means the form of goods transportation through air (between provinces and cities with airfields)
- Road Courier: is a form of transportation of goods / postal items through the road across the country
- Rail Transit: Through the nationwide railway system, goods / postal parcels will be routed to the receiving address upon request.
- Courier shipping: goods / parcels will be shipped to the provinces / countries through the local large seaport system.
- Combined Courier: By using a combination of two or more different forms of transportation, the goods / parcels will be delivered to the provinces faster and more economical.

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